About Our Volunteers

About Our Volunteers

Gatewave depends upon our volunteer readers to bring you our daily programs. Our volunteers bring many different talents to their service with GATEWAVE. We thought you would like to know a little more about some of them.


Richard Devir comes to Gatewave after a career in educational technology. He confesses to being a news junkie, so the In Politics readings are always a treat. When he’s not behind our microphone, Richard exercises his voice in the bass section of the Old Mill Singers, an amateur chorus. He is married, with two adult daughters and three grandchildren..


Radio announcer/DJ at a number of NY stations in the 60's and 70's including WABC, WRFM and WPIX-FM. Free lance announcer/voice-over work for the past 30 years. Highlights: The Voice of Macy's for 19 years; Tony Awards Telecasts for 20 years; Oscar Telecasts in the 90's; NBC Sports Promos for 28 years. Currently announcer for NBC's Today Show. More background at my website: http://www.lesmarshak.com.
"About Your Health" on Gatewave is heard on Saturdays. I've been doing this broadcast for over 20 years, starting at In Touch Networks. I read from various health-related magazines to give a broad spectrum of health issues for all ages. I feel it's incredibly important to keep people, who for various reasons can't read or focus on a printed page, independent and as informed as anyone else. And the new digital technologies are making even easier for those listeners to hear our voices and the information we give to them. Gatewave must thrive!!


Denise came into the business as a dancer, landing a Broadway musical within two short weeks in NY. That period is reflected in Part II of an upcoming PBS documentary series, Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age, when Bob Fosse and Michael Bennett were in their hey days. Pippin proved her turning point to focusing on acting and A Chorus Line immortalized as “Kristine” (the girl who can’t sing), along with “Al,” her director husband to date, Steve Boockvor. Denise went on to find her 15 seconds of national fame (which thankfully lasted 8 years) and gave her a few Best Supporting Actress nominations as “Katie” on The Guiding Light. She thanks Gail Starkey and Richard Koziol for bringing her on board as a Gatewave volunteer to help her continually hone her broadcasting skills. Life is still her open door of endless possibility.