Our Programming

Our Programming

Our primary source for program content is the nation's well-recognized print media. Articles about local, national, and worldwide news, health education, and programs based on arts and leisure are among those transmitted. Best-selling novels or other publications relevant to health, culture, and other topics of interest are also transmitted.

Conversations with our audience tell us that once they turn on our radio receiver, it is kept tuned to GATEWAVE throughout the day and evening.

Our programming gives them access to information that would otherwise be denied them. They tell us how important it is to then to be as informed as those with sight.

Are there alternatives to our programming? Of course there are but while numerous other services such as satellite radio and television also provide important news and information resources to the general public, they are not focused on the specific requirements of our audience.

Unlike television news, which provides only a brief glimpse of the day's headlines or the all news radio format that repeats the same stories all day long, GATEWAVE provides detailed in depth coverage of current events, financial matters, popular culture, politics, health and disability issues, and the arts.

For full details please consult the station schedule.