We need your support

We need your support

Why Donate?

Gatewave is entirely supported by your individual donations and all your donations go to supporting our mission. We are run by volunteers. There are no paid staff. Won't you help today?

There is so much sighted people take for granted -- especially access to print information. By making a donation to Gatewave, you can ensure that the blind and reading impaired residents of New York City and the surrounding communities as well as communities served by our affiliates in 23 states have the same access to information that you do.

When you donate to Gatewave, you join many concerned supporters whose help enable our staff and volunteers to empower visually impaired people.

Gatewave relies on the generous support of our listeners, their families and friends to help keep us on the air. Your gift will enable people with difficulties to access current printed news and information. Your gift also provides special radios that are loaned to all qualified applicants. Many of the people we serve have visual disabilities while others have difficulty holding or turning print pages. Regardless of their disability, your gift means we can offer services and equipment at no cost to those individuals whose income prevent them from contributing to our yearly membership fees.

It's Easy To Donate

Listeners who are financially able are requested to donate a minimum donation of $18/per month.

You may donate a gift of any amount by credit card by using the sidebar linked to a secure server.

You may also call our offices at 646-202-1049 to make a donation over the phone.

A check, made out to Gatewave, Inc. may be sent to us at:
Gatewave, Inc,
244 Fifth Avenue
Suite G-201
New York, NY 10001.

If you'd like your gift to be sustaining with automatic monthly or annual renewal, please contact us at info@gatewave.org or telephone our offices.

The value of your donation is greatly enhanced by the extensive use of our volunteers.

Gatewave, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c )(3) corporation.

All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.