For Your Ears Only - ON AIR

For Your Ears Only - ON AIR

FOR YOUR EARS ONLY is the new name of the unique, fair, and far-ranging weekend news broadcast that veteran journalist / broadcaster David Alpern has produced and hosted over nearly 30 years.

Each week, FOR YOUR EARS ONLY broadcasts to stations coast-to-coast and to U.S. military personnel in 177 nations via the Pentagon's American Forces Radio Network.

In addition to guests from across the right-left spectrum on critical policy and political issues, FOR YOUR EARS ONLY presents news and views on a broad range of other important and engaging topics: health, science, technology, the economy, food, arts and entertainment.

Formerly Newsweek On Air, the weekly program is now financially and editorially independent of Newsweek magazine and features 17 minutes for local station inventory and news.


Since 1982, Alpern's show has broadcast more than 5,000 interviews with public officials, corporate leaders, scientists, medical experts, authors and celebrities across a broad ideological spectrum. Among them: Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Katharine Hepburn, Katharine Graham, Bill Gates, former CIA Directors William Colby and Stansfield Turner, LBJ biographer Robert Caro, historian Annette Gordon-Reed, novelist E.L. Doctorow, actress Anna Deavere Smith.

Recent guests continue that broad reach: from the Hoover Institution's Iran expert Abbas Milani and Larry Diamond, a Bush Administration adviser in Baghdad, to former Pentagon official Lawrence Korb at the Center for American Progress; from the Rev. Jim Wallis, best-selling evangelical author, to journalist / screenwriter Mark Boal, who won two Oscars for "The Hurt Locker" based on his first-hand experience in Iraq.


"Consistently delivers ...quality and topicality while adding a bit of balance to our mostly "Conservative" sound," says Steve Nicholl, Program Director, Radioactive Talk Radio 570 KLIF/Dallas.: "It's difficult to find quality, thought provoking programming that is really timely, particularly if your station is news/event driven like 570 KLIF."

FOR YOUR EARS ONLY is a production of Gatewave, Inc. and is
supported by tax-deductible donations and foundation funding.