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Spice up your life, trim your waistline and sit back and salivate with mouth-watering recipes and how-to’s from the culinary pros from:

Bon Appetit—Cooks who love being in the kitchen, entertaining, traveling, and dining out are regaled with what’s new in the food world, as well as up-to-date information on wine, beer, and spirits. Those new to the kitchen will learn the basics for creative, fresh, and modern dishes that can be made in just a few minutes.

Saveur—Explore the authentic cuisines of the world, tracks recipes and ingredients to their places of origin. Learn about traditions and local flavors while hearing informative news about the latest in culinary trends, kitchen tips and techniques.

Cook’s Illustrated—provides recipes, cooking techniques, and product and food recommendations exhaustively developed in a extensive Test Kitchen facility. Included are best ways to prepare favorite American dishes – from pot roast and chocolate chip cookies to grilled salmon and fruit cobbler. Learn about best (and worst) cooking equipment – from chef’s knives to cookie sheets, best brands -- from canned tomatoes to baking chocolate, and best cooking techniques - from brining shrimp to baking ham.

Cooking Light—a trusted source for those who want to cook and enjoy healthy, delicious food. Whether you’re in a hurry to prepare a quick and easy dinner tonight or need a game plan for the perfect party, Cooking Light offers nutritious, kitchen-tested recipes for every day living or special occasions. And whether you’re a novice or an adventurous cook you’ll find great food and healthy lifestyle tips in every issue.

Martha Stewart Living—Combining great style and useful information, the magazine celebrates the simple things people do in their everyday lives: gardening, entertaining, renovating, cooking, collecting and creating.